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About Us

Korriko Pet Supply (formerly Blue Paw Co.) was born in 2018 when our dog-obsessed founder, Marion, was having a tough time finding a harness with a perfect fit for her French Bulldog and an attractive design locally here in Canada.

So, why not bridge the gap between fun and functionality?

At Korriko, we strive to provide high quality, safe, and comfortable dog harnesses and accessories that don’t compromise on style. We’re excited to continue to offer the cutest designs for our dog accessories, while still upholding the finest quality materials to keep your pup comfortable and looking their best during walks and playtime with their fellow furry friends.

The Korriko brand and logo is 100% inspired by Marion's fur-baby, Zoey, a Frenchie (a.k.a. Korriko.’s boss-baby). There is a heart shape for the nose of our logo, which represents the heart shape created by shadows in the fur on Zoey's forehead. You can check Zoey out on Instagram at@zoeythebluefrenchie.

We welcome you to join our #korriko family of crazy dog mamas and papas. We look forward to connecting with you!

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